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A quick google search on the *highest paying entry-level jobs* will give you all the answers you need. The reason why I request you do this specific research is because we are considering jobs which give you the highest salary as a newbie, of course the highest paying jobs are going to be CEO and president, but that is not attainable for the greater cross-section of the population. Here you see jobs which pay very high even from your 1st day at work. Other jobs like medical doctor, judge, banker etc, will take you years if not decades for you to get to that level meanwhile becoming a developer can be done in a year or less with the right determination, and you will be having the salary above some presidents in certain countries.

That’s why I am advising everyone to get into the tech field because it has so much potential, the fact that you are even reading this article is the testament to the power of tech and its reach. It has already proven its future-proof nature, you might feel like the environment is already congested but trust me, you haven’t even seen the 1/10th of it yet, there is still so much more that can be done. There are countless startups launching every single day, and before you finish reading this article, 10 new startups will be launching.

The Demand is only rising

People have started realizing the potential of the tech industry and how it can better their lives in one way or the other, before businesses didn’t care about having a website, they focused their resources on marketing themselves on Tv stations across the country but in recent times, having a website is a prerequisite. Every business out there now tries to reach its customers through a consistent online presence, even the restaurant at the corner of your street would be more than glad to have a website which would bring customers to it. If you look at just the number of businesses which are in your town compared to the number of developers, the difference is striking, meanwhile every business should have at least 1 IT specialist to take care of its needs, companies can’t all afford to go buy ads on local TV stations and that won’t even be profitable to drive traffic to them because it won’t curate the customers who are loyal to their brand, but with an online presence, they can be consistent in building a following of loyal customers.

Many aspects of our lives are just becoming more and more digital, now you have virtually every person out there with a smartphone, every household with a computer and the demand is only increasing, even the big companies can’t meet the needs of all of these countries, communities and individuals which means tech skills are vital for the future.

Its no as difficult as it seems

Right now things might seem very difficult to understand or get into, but trust me, it’s not as difficult as it seems. I think the main reason why it seems difficult is because of just the sheer amount of information that is out there, we are bombarded by information from left to right, be it websites, apps, social media, artificial intelligence, programming, machine learning and much more. All those make it seem like tech is just this big, elusive world which is difficult to get into. What you need to do is lock your vision just on that single path you want to follow, that one thing you want to be good at, when you think about it, nobody taught you how to use a smartphone neither did the billions of people out there take a course on how to use a smartphone or computers, and yet we all have them in our pockets. The reason is that we learned them out of necessity, the instinct of survival pushed us to learn to adapt to this new technology even unconsciously.

You can learn this all on your own you don’t need to go to any school or take any course, you just need to take the conscious effort to start

  1. Begin with typing, in the same way you learned how to write, you want to be able to do so as well on a computer
  2. Learn the office suite, word, excel, PowerPoint. They are all essentials in every workplace you will find yourself in.

3. Learn how to search the internet and how to find an answer to everything you want. Also take note of reference website which define the standards for a lot of things, from social media (Twitter, Facebook) to visual content platforms (YouTube, TikTok) and much more. You should know how these work and how to best make use of them.

4. Learn how to create websites of your own, it gets only easier every day. In just a few clicks you can have your website setup.

5. Master a Tech skill

Before Robots take over

Let’s face it, they are coming like it or not, 5 years ago I would have told you that there was still an uncertainty to their presence among us, but now I can tell you with the utmost certainty that we are less than a year from fully automated robots which think for themselves roaming our streets.

tesla robot

They are coming not just to assist us but to effectively take over all of our jobs, there is very little they won’t be able to do and the only thing we have that they don’t is our humanity and creativity. That’s why tech is the only viable job which will be left once robots come, not because they can’t invent tech, but because they can’t match our creativity when it comes to tech. So if you want to even hope to have a job in the future, I’ll advise you get into tech as fast as possible

How you can start

There are so many options out there on where you could start and what you could do. I’ll advise you start simple, choose a tech skill, any tech skill you want and hone it to perfection. Before you think it’s difficult, let me remind you that there are 13 years old girls on TikTok earning more money than some full time employees in Silicon Valley, trust me even dancing on TikTok is a tech skill. Just pick whatever skill suits you from the poll of skills above, there are countless tutorials online on how to become good at it, even school might become a thing of the past soon.

How I started was, I learned how to create logos on this website. I fell in love with graphics and the idea of creating art, soon after posting my creations on social media, I was contacted by local businesses who wanted those services and since then I’ve been making money ever since. Through that website I became a graphic designer in 5 minutes and the last years I’ve just been perfecting my skills. Just look around you will see countless businesses which are just searching for such skills more than anything else don’t offer them your services, just do it and give it to them.

Thanks for reading!

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Software Engineer at #CAMTEL ||Graphic Designer||Content Creator 📽||Community Manger||Tech Enthusiasts||App Developer Mobile phone||Full Stack Developer

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real Jema

real Jema

Software Engineer at #CAMTEL ||Graphic Designer||Content Creator 📽||Community Manger||Tech Enthusiasts||App Developer Mobile phone||Full Stack Developer

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