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In this life you are going to meet so many obstacles on your path, problems you will never even see coming and which will be beyond your wildest imagination, but you have to find a way to win. As a programmer we often get to meet countless bugs in our codes and even with the best debuggers (bug killers) we still have to go through hell to find the problem and to fix it. The time to find the problem might be exponentially more than the time needed to solve it. I’m sure you feel limited by one thing or the other in your life stopping you from achieving whatever you want, but I’m here to tell you that you have to find a way to win. Change your perspective on the problem, maybe you are looking at it from the wrong angle all along.

When I wanted to launch my first company, I thought money was the first limiting factor, I thought to myself I needed millions to get this off the ground, but it turned out that I just had the wrong business plan. There were already countless people out there ready to invest in my ideas, but they didn’t just see how it would bring money to them. It's the same for you if you are trying to launch a startup or a company, money is not the limiting factor, literally everybody will be willing to invest in anything as long as they know when & how much profit they are going to make. I learned that the idea wasn’t the most important thing, it's the business plan which is the most important thing for any company. If staring in the sky produced money then there would be already many companies investing in that, so it's not money stopping you, it's your business plan.

The easier, the better

Very often we imagine the problem to be way more difficult than it is, the easier you can make a problem out to be, the better. Try to divide the problem into more manageable chunks, and you will see that you can achieve it much more easily than when you considered it to be this huge mountain you couldn’t cross. Before aiming for that huge company which pays millions, why not start in an NGO, then you make your way into a startup, then you make your way into a bigger company, then you make your way into an even bigger company before landing that huge paying job you want. If you are trying to start a business of your own, why not go work for a person who is already doing such a business, even if it's without a pay. From that you can gain experience which will guide you in starting yours as well in the future, but when you think of just how you can land in that big company, it will always feel attainable because you are aiming too far beyond your reach. You can solve big problems by solving the small ones first.

Try again

Like everything in life, perfection comes through practice. The more you do something, the better you get at it and once you fail enough times, you can start winning. You have to enter the cycle of always getting feedback and ameliorating yourself on the next attempt. There is this concept in software development use all across the world now by literally every company, basically, they get feedback from users then release updates to their software products and that's why you constantly receive updates for the software products on your phone or computer. In the past software products were just built in one time iteration (Win 7, 8, 10) but now through a persistent cycle of iteration and Feedback, companies are constantly improving on their products (updates 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.1.2).

You should work in the same way as well, you should be constantly improving on every attempt you make, don’t just try once and give up. That’s why I like this quote very much;

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, just remember you need to succeed only once

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