real Jema

Sep 17, 2021

5 min read

Become a Graphic Designer in 5mins

graphic designer

No! This is not a clickbait. Becoming a graphic designer is one of the easiest tech skill you can possibly learn, with technology just become more accessible every day, you can become a graphic designer in a matter of minutes, its not difficult to do.

There are many types of graphic designers out there, those who create logos, those who create posters & flyers, those who create animations and much more. Nowadays, you can become any of those just by using the wide array of tools available for you for free on the internet, there are countless websites which will permit you to create graphics on the fly and in matter of seconds.

Why you should become a Graphic Designer

  1. Job accessibility: It is easy to become one in a matter of minutes and after reading this article you could add that skill to your resume.
  2. Salary: The average salary for a graphic designer in the United States is around $38,827 per year. I’m not the one saying this, just ask google yourself if you don’t believe me.
  3. Job Flexibility: You could either work for a company or do it at your leisure as a freelance, either ways you get to choose your work schedule
  4. Creativity: There is no standard definition for creativity, even if it looks ugly to some people, it would be very beautiful for others and very often the job isn’t complex at all. Think about the very big brands out there which simply have text based logos

I don’t think it took a genius to create one of the biggest company in the world’s logo and yet that company has countless graphic designers out there which recent mind-blowing amounts of money

5. International & National: There are countless companies right now all around you who would love a beautiful logo for themselves, not only that but if you go through social media, you can find as well many people out there who are looking for a graphic designer

Why most people don’t

Generally companies are already overwhelmed with other things to do, they don’t have the time to go and learn a new skill even if it takes just 5mins, it's always better to go for a professional who know what they are doing. There is always that general scare for people to learn new things, I’m sure before you clicked into this article, you thought to yourself that graphic designer was something very difficult as well but in reality it isn’t, you can learn it as fast as you can read this article and the rest will just be practice.

Photoshop is quite a scary software when you look at it from a distance but fortunately now, you don’t even need to know or use it to get started. You will only need photoshop if you want to customize a company’s logo but that’s often rarely the case.

How to become a Graphic designer in 5 mins

Just go to, after a couple of <next> clicks, you will become a graphic designer. This website has a wonderful AI which generates an infinite amount of logos for you and to prove to you it works, let's create a logo with the word “Awesome”.

These are just a few of such logos you can create here. Can you honestly tell me you don’t like anyone of these?

Many individuals and companies will pay good money for something like this, trust me, and there are many more tools like this out there you can make use of. My advice for you to get started is to take the name of a company around you and run it through this software, then mail them the best results and see their response.

At the very least they’ll get back to you with a congratulatory note

How much you can earn from it

You can earn as much as you want, as much as you work hard for. A logo can be priced based on the company’s present or future reach, a logo is the brand behind a company, it’s the first image the customers have about a company, so a very beautiful one should be very expensive. Price small for small companies and price big for big companies, remember that if you leave a good impression you might be called as a full time employee sometime in the future.

Career Path

Start by creating logos, then move on to creating posters & flyers, then you can transition to creative images like photography, then if you feel adventurous you can move into animations (I’ve never gone that far). Personally I prefer just to create logos and flyers because I want to stay a freelancer and work on my schedule, I create a lot of graphics which I post on my social media and through which I’ve gotten a lot of job offers. Make use of your inner circle and the power of social media to find clients and build your skills through time.